One of the things I really enjoy doing ia speaking to the youth. Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to a group of young people in our city. They came from different walks of life and different age groups, from high schoolers to young professionals.

My talk was entitled “Light” and I would like to share a bit of what I said because someone might need to hear or read it.

Genesis 1:3  says :

And God said, “Let there be light”, and there was light

I want you to ponder on these words… “God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light”. So what’s so amazing about this passage?

1. God Said

This means that God is not a mute God! Isn’t that refreshing? God is speaking to us even in this modern age. And he speaks in many many ways. Sometimes He speaks through our own circumstances, sometimes He speaks in a form of a “hunch”, He always speaks through His word,  in our prayer times and in the old testament God literally spoke through a donkey!

The question is “are we listening?

If we were to be honest, I’d say that 80% of the time we aren’t really listening to His voice, and that’s why we don’t hear Him.

It’s not that He doesn’t speak, it’s just that we are not listening.

2. Let there be light

When I first read this, I was asking my self “so what could this possibly mean for my life?” And it dawned on me that there are areas in our lives that we need God to speak light into.

There are so many marriages right now that needs God’s light so all of a sudden the realationship becomes clearer and the future for the famly suddenly becomes brighter. To some people it’s their state of mind that needs God’s light to take away the shadow of depression or the shadow of low self worth. For some, God’s light is like light at the end of a tunnel, it brings hope to a seemingly hopeless world.

Often times it’s not a change of circumstance that we need but a new light over areas of our life that seems dark.

3. And there was light

Now this is what got me all excited about the passage. It tells us that it happened! God spoke it and it happened! No materials needed, no prerequisites needed, God just spoke something that never existed  and it suddenly existed!

If He can speak something that didn’t exist into existence, what makes you think that He can’t keep the promises He has for you? This assures me that I don’t need to worry about the crisis I’m going through because if God can speak light into the darkness, bringing me through this valley would be easy for Him.

The only problem we have with this is that we have all the gadgets we need to make life easier and save time but our patience have shortened dramatically! We no longer have the patience to fall in line, we now have an “instant” mindset at things.

This is a problem because often times when God speaks a promise, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not because He needs more time to deliver His promise but we’re not ready to take the promise. Maybe, the reason why the solution to our problem hasn’t arrived yet is that we haven’t really been preparing. There’s this saying that “good things need patience”, it’s true that great things are worth the wait, but I also believe that great things come faster if the one receiving it is ready.

Maybe our miracle is just waiting for us to step out in faith and take it. May be the reason why God hasn’t been doing much for our family is that we keep Him out of it. Maybe our businesses aren’t thriving because we don’t trust Him enough to honor Him with it.

I believe that God is speaking to all of us, and He is speaking life to areas in our life that no other light can penetrate, we just have to trust Him because if He can speak Light into existence – He can surely work in our lives.

If you’re reading this and it has touched you in some way, please shoot me a message.

This is not about religion but relationship. It does not matter what  kind of background you have or what religion you belong to – WELCOME HOME!


2 thoughts on “Light

  1. The true meaning of his existence is that we are continuously living in his beautiful creations. But to be honest i myself is blinded by worldly ideals but who is not? We are not living in a perfect world but we are living in a beautiful and blessed world. All of us are sinners in one way or the other but no matter how big or small it may be we are always forgiven through his mercy and light. We have a lot of questions about him especially when we feel abondoned and if our prayers are not answered. Our mindsets as individuals vary but no matter who you are or what you do God’s light only awaits. So what he only requires from us is TRUST, OBEDIENCE, PATIENCE and FAITH.

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    • Yes that’s right Camille… and like what I always say, faith is not that you don’t have doubts, but choosing to believe and claim God’s promises despite our doubts


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