They say that first impressions always last and that is true. That is why writing my first blog post is both exciting and intimidating. Exciting because just like many millennials, I have thought of starting to write a blog for at least 5 years but have no idea where to start and how to start. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube and also a ton of search results on Google but after watching videos after videos and reading posts after posts I still struggle with starting my first blog and Paul Brown has some pretty good comment on why this is a struggle in his post he mentions at least 5 reasons why starting is not the easiest thing in the world.

“1. Change is not only difficult, it is scary. So, there is a natural inclination to want to delay beginning for as long as possible.

2. No one wants to fail. The easiest way not to is to never do anything (especially anything new.)

3. Perhaps even worse than failing is looking silly.  No one wants to be told–after the new venture has failed–that “you didn’t think it through.”  So to keep that from happening you keep thinking about the opportunity and studying the competition and researching everything there is to research. There is always one more thing you can check, or one more person you can talk to.


4. You convince yourself you don’t have sufficient money, staff, approvals whatever, to start something new. (You never want to go into battle without a full complement of resources, right?  So it is better to delay until you get them. And so you wait.)

5. Life gets in the way. We are all busy and our “to do” lists are incredibly long as it is. Who has time to devote time to anything new right now?

So how did I manage to finally start? Well I just started. I figured that the more you linger on that feeling of fear or incapacity, the more harder it becomes for you to start. It’s like doing a cliff jump (Which I will write about in the future), the more you stand there and stare down, the more intimidating it becomes. So whatever it is that you have been so passionately thinking of doing but not having enough courage to take the leap, “JUST DO IT!” ( Thanks Nike for reminding us). See you on the next post! Welcome home!


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